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In 1970, well before Taekwondo was recognized, the "Canadian/American Korean Karate" club took form. Grandmaster Norm Lepine's aspired goals in Taekwondo pre-dates the founding of World Taekwondo Federation. He was among the first in the world to be part of the WTF and certainly the first in Ontario. Perseverance, discipline and drive seem to have followed our founder, as with time, he acquired many successful athletes/champions. He set a precedence, one that still hums within the walls of our "Bluewater Taekwondo" club. As the years have passed, there have been numerous students within Bluewater who have been provincial, national and international competitors. Grand Master Lepine was greatly admired by his students and is now greatly missed 1939•06•06 to 2002•01•29


Grand Master Lepine chose his successor carefully, recongizing talent, leadership and the drive that lived within Grand Master James Taylor. Grand Master Taylor became the Innovator of Bluewater Taekwondo. He took the club into the next millennium, balancing tradition with the evolving sport of taekwondo. Grand Master Taylor has over 30 years of coaching experience - Coached over 140 Regional, Provincial and National Champions. He was part of the original NCCP Pilot Program. Grand Master Taylor has helped organize and facilitate over 10 National Championships. True to his character he has inspired and mentored several students in opening their own Taekwondo Club across Canada.


Grand Master Taylor then turned Bluewater Taekwondo over to Master Patrick Bell. Master Patrick Bell is the most decorated athlete in Bluewater Taekwondo's history. He has been multi-time National and Provinical Champion. You would never know this by talking to him because of his humbleness. Always striving to see his students succeed in taekwondo and life, he commits 110% of his enegry to Bluewater Taekwondo. 

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